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Mono Prints

The mono prints to follow are the result of researching the topography of Dungeness; observing the contours of the landscape, the etchings left by boats on the shingle and the beauty in the birds-eye view of the Power Station revealed in its component parts and pattern of its roads.

Selected Prints series 1 'Land Lines'  21 x 30cm October 2019

Paper: 140gsm A4 cartridge paper

Plate size: A4

Inks: Intaglio ink in Prussian Blue. tissue paper/newsprint and fragments from the studio to make up plate

Selected Prints series 2 'Electric Beach' 40 x 30cm October 2019

Paper: Fabrino Unica 250g

Ink: Intaglio Prussian Blue

Plate size: A3

Tissue and fragments from studio and Dungeness to make up plate

Selected Prints series 3 'Over Shingle and Magnox' 35 x 35cm November 2019

Paper:Fabrano Unica 250g

Inks: Prussian Blue, Titanium White, Red Oxide, Green Oxide, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber

Plate size:30 x 30cm

Tissue and fragments from Dungeness used to make up plate




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